There aren’t many places within two hours of DC where you can feel so immersed in nature. It’s like stepping through a door to another world, one that leaves the noise, hustle, and chaos of city life entirely behind. You’ll discover that just listening will reward you with unexpected sounds, and a chance to catch sight of elusive birds, frogs, and insects. There is so much here at Eldon Farms that is wild and untouched by the trends of the modern world. It’s a space that allows creativity and peace to blossom in new ways.

We are not new to the property management scene. Eldon is home to quite a few historic houses that we currently rent on a long-term basis. Our lodging options provide much more than just a roof overhead and a bed to sleep in. They give access to this vibrant, natural world. It’s like surrounding yourself with a blank canvas of time and opportunity, where you can paint your own adventure. Literally, if you so choose.

All of our homes are currently occupied.

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