Our History

  • 1607

    English settlers arrived in the Rappahannock area

  • 1722

    Official colonization began

  • 1775

    Area residents join Culpeper Minute Men under John Thornton

  • 1798

    Woodville was formed

  • 1833

    Rappahannock separates from Culpeper County

  • 1862

    Union army occupies the county

  • 1863

    Confederate army marches through

  • 1865

    US government votes to abolish slavery

  • 1924

    John Jackson, Piedmont Bluesman, was born in Rappahannock County

  • 1929

    Tornado touches down in Woodville

  • 1960

    John Jackson began performing at folk festivals, touring the country and then the world

  • 1961

    Lanes purchased large tracts of land in Rappahannock

  • 1970

    Eldon produces corn, timber, and combination Jersey/Hereford cattle

  • 1976

    Bill Lane told the Washington Post, “I’ve told my children that if they ever have to sell land to raise money, it’s a time for them to take a good, hard look at themselves in the mirror.”

  • 1996

    Jackson received the national heritage fellowship

  • 2001

    Began genetics based cattle operation

  • 2019

    Eldon enters the world of Agritourism and hosts the first John Jackson Festival

  • 2021

    The stewardship of Eldon Farms passes from the Lane family to the Akre family

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