Clover Hill Cottage

See that little cottage down there, nestled in among all that amazing scenery?! That is Clover Hill Cottage and it's nestled next to a conservation pond in the middle of 7,100 acres of rolling hills in Rappahannock County, VA. Just 80 ish miles from Washington DC, and a stone's throw from Shenandoah National Park, this is a perfect home base for exploring the wild expanses of the area. The quaint little town of Sperryville is just 10 minutes north, and Culpeper is 25 minutes south. You can be cruising or hiking along skyline drive within 20 minutes of leaving the cottage steps. But if you don't want to even go that far, we have great hiking opportunities right here on the farm.

There aren’t many places within two hours of DC where you can feel so immersed in nature. It’s like stepping through a door to another world, one that leaves the noise, hustle, and chaos of city life entirely behind. You’ll discover that just listening will reward you with unexpected sounds, and a chance to catch sight of elusive wildlife of all kinds. There is so much here at Eldon Farms that is wild and untouched by the trends of the modern world. 

Clover Hill Cottage will provide much more than just a roof overhead and a bed to sleep in. It gives access to this vibrant, natural world. It’s like surrounding yourself with a blank canvas of time and opportunity, where you can paint your own adventure. Literally, if you so choose.

Clover Hill Cottage is located on the historic Eldon Farms property, which is home to an active cattle operation, and some budding agritourism opportunities. Our cottage is a rustic modern house in the middle of some of the most untouched land near SNP. With beds for 4-6 people, an updated kitchen, and full laundry facilities, it boasts all the amenities a group would need for a long or short stay. We are currently busy adding the final touches and plan to officially list it on Airbnb in early 2020.

We also plan to offer guided hunting packages that can be paired with a cottage stay. These will be for everyone who wants all the thrill of a hunt, with the ease of an expertly crafted experience. With many options to choose from, hunters of all experience levels are welcome to join us. We are contemplating a soft opening before the end of the year, so if you're interested in finding out more, please submit your information below.

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Please be sure to indicate your hunting experience level so we can create a custom hunting package that gives you the perfect amount of support. We want your stay with us to be as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

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