A Bird’s Eye View

To catch a glimpse of Eldon Farms from above is breathtaking. It really drives home the fact that perspective is all about where we are in relation to what we’re trying to see. It’s amazing what a bit of distance can do!

John Jackson Festival

Bringing this festival to life has been a long, tough road. #truth And we’ve learned some important things along the way, about ourselves, and about others. But we were struck with a profound sense of gratitude for the backstage heroes, the people who worked through the festival, hardly taking the time to sit or eat or drink because they were too busy making sure things ran smoothly. They are the people who got soaked through and through, who will be asleep before their heads hit the pillow, who won’t remember which songs were played because they worked through them, who certainly didn’t get thanked enough. So I want to say it. Thank

Summer at Clover Hill Pond

Virginia, in summertime can be sweltering, but all that rain and humidity helps things thrive. Just a simple walk around the pond can be astounding in both the variety of sights and sounds that are just waiting to be discovered. Just beware the possibility of a praying mantis derailing your intentions to continue on with the bird walk. All photos courtesy of Shannon Busse at Wildwood Photography & Design

Big Scene, Small Beauty

We are always amazed at what we can find within a few square feet of land. Nature is surprising and thorough in the beauty that she packs into such a small area. Take a look at the photo essay below which showcases the Lime Barn Meadow. Just one of many, many favorite spots around the farm. All photos courtesy of Shannon Busse at Wildwood Photography & Design

Spring at Mountain View

Once winter’s grip fades, and the seasons change, the farm comes alive. Seriously alive. All the dormant color, energy, vitality bursts forth in a show that feeds the soul. It makes the transition something amazing to behold. All photos courtesy of Shannon Busse at Wildwood Photography & Design

Spring Calves

This is seriously one of our favorite times around the farm. It requires tremendous dedication from the cattle team, and we would be remiss if we didn’t give them a HUGE shoutout for all their hard work and LONG hours during the season. But wow, look what their efforts produce! All photos courtesy of Shannon Busse at Wildwood Photography & Design

New Beginnings

We’re ready to begin a new chapter here at Eldon Farms. We’re bursting with ideas, and will be learning, growing, and changing as we make the transition. There’s excitement, trepidation, and a whole lotta “Ummm, exactly how do we do that?” going on around here. There will undoubtedly be growing pains, and maybe a few what-were-we-thinking moments. But we are determined to explore new ways to generate revenue to both support and preserve the land that is in our care. All 7,100+ acres of it! We have been focusing solely on our cattle operation for many years. And it’s not going anywhere, but it’s making room for a wider array