Stories from the Farm

New Beginnings

We’re ready to begin a new chapter here at Eldon Farms. We’re bursting with ideas, and will be learning, growing, and changing as we make the transition. There’s excitement, trepidation, and a whole lotta “Ummm, exactly how do we do that?” going on around here. There will undoubtedly be growing

About Us

Eldon Farms began as a cattle operation in the 1960s, and is dedicated to raising top-notch beef through cutting edge genetics and good old hard work. But our 7,100+ acres has quite a bit more to offer. We’re home to several rental properties, hiking and horseback trails, nature clubs, unbelievable views, and an impressive variety of birds and wildlife. We have some fabulous open air spaces which could be used for weddings, corporate events, and boutique birthday parties.