About Eldon Farms

Eldon Farms is not a new operation, we’ve been around for decades, quietly caring for the land and the plants and animals it nurtures. But farms across the state are faced with the growing challenge of balancing rising costs with falling profits. More and more farms are finding themselves unable to generate the revenue they need to stay in business by solely focusing on agriculture. A little flexibility and creativity go a long way in these efforts.

This is a familiar focus for Eldon, finding new ways to use the land has been part of what we have done for decades. The orchards of years past gave way to the cattle operation of today. And that cattle operation, while continuing to run strong, is now making room for additional ways to conserve, protect, and enjoy this beautiful area.

Like many of our fellow farms, we are turning to Agritourism and hunting. The very act of creating curated experiences that showcase Eldon’s unique appeal will help preserve that appeal for both current and future visitors. We value our membership in the Rappahannock community, and want to strike a lasting balance between preserving and improving. Because the land is our greatest asset, we want to implement sustainable systems which will create the necessary income to continue to be good stewards.

It has always been understood that we can’t make more land. And while the land is our most valuable asset, it’s central purpose has always been to support the people. We invest in people, people who are smart and creative and can be good stewards and employees, people who care for the land so that it can, in turn, continue to care for the people.

We realize that we can’t always preserve by simply keeping things the same. Occasionally, there has been some discussion about our operation. We face it as it comes and continue to uphold the legacy of preservation that Eldon Farms has always valued. Through the years, Eldon Farms has changed in an effort to preserve, in new ways, the land that is in our care.

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Our cattle operation is led by western superheroes. No joke. They are part cowboy, part animal whisperer, tractor driver extraordinaires, calving experts, logistics wizards, and they live on way too little sleep. We would not be who we are without them.

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Our foremost conservation enthusiast is also cleverly disguised as our bookkeeper. We don’t know any bookkeepers anywhere who hike as much as she does, or who are as knowledgeable about all things nature.

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Our recreation initiatives are new, exciting and all kinds of    In. The. Works. A collaborative effort between many team members, ideas are constantly flowing. Our longest running offer is our private hunting club that continues to grow.

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So, this cool little log hut is not where our renters actually stay. But we love it anyway. We’re lucky enough to have a building expert who helps us prep and manage our lodging projects. Plus a heavy equipment operator, and several kick-butt carpenters.

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We helped bring the John Jackson Festival to life in 2019 and it remains our only large-scale event that is open to the general public. We don't currently act as a venue for weddings, celebrations, or other private events. We will update this if that changes.

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Our Amazing Team

Team Eldon

It takes a dedicated team with a diverse skill set to run an operation like ours. And we are fortunate to claim the loyalty of an amazing group of people. Even the cattle pull their weight by helping preserve the open hills and meadows of Eldon Farms. And we all hold true to these guiding principles (except the cattle who are pretty much in it just for the feed):

  • Preserve the natural beauty of the land
  • Promote meaningful connections
  • Provide ways to experience nature more fully

Everything we do here is centered around the land, and we consider ourselves fortunate to be stewards while also inviting the larger community to foster connections and make memories here at Eldon Farms.

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This land has been witness to all the joy and heartache of the human condition. We consider it an honor to begin the daunting task of collecting the stories that are rooted in our farm land. If you or someone you know has knowledge of the people, homes, or history at Eldon, please reach out to us. We will collect, preserve, and be inspired by the stories of yesteryear.

Farm Operations

We are proud to work with local and state agencies involved in agriculture education and improvement initiatives. We take our role as a member of the global community seriously and realize that we can effect much greater change through collaboration than competition. For information regarding any upcoming events, please check our Facebook page.


The chance to observe and explore nature in all its glory is a thrill. Which is why we are working to continue to develop our various efforts to preserve this beautiful wide-open expanse. As stewards of this land, we understand the importance of navigating ways to preserve a workable balance, maintain healthy populations, and also honor cultural traditions.


We are excited at the possibility of offering guided forays into the vast expanse that is Eldon Farms. From bird walks, to hiking, to our long running private hunting club, we love sharing this space with fellow outdoor enthusiasts. All public opportunities are announced through our social media channels.


We have several long-term rental homes, all of which are currently occupied. These rentals don't often come up vacant, looking for a tenant, but when they do, they get snatched up quickly. There is something magical about living on Eldon Farms, immersed in the quiet beauty of this place.


We helped bring the John Jackson Festival to life in 2019, and it remains our only large-scale event that's open to the general public. Please check our Facebook page regularly, as that is where we announce any upcoming events. We are not currently hosting weddings or other private events.

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