John Jackson Festival

Bringing this festival to life has been a long, tough road. #truth And we’ve learned some important things along the way, about ourselves, and about others. But we were struck with a profound sense of gratitude for the backstage heroes, the people who worked through the festival, hardly taking the time to sit or eat or drink because they were too busy making sure things ran smoothly. They are the people who got soaked through and through, who will be asleep before their heads hit the pillow, who won’t remember which songs were played because they worked through them, who certainly didn’t get thanked enough. So I want to say it. Thank you, I was proud to work beside you today. Thank you for helping make this event a success.

And to the rest of the Eldon Farms team, you know how to get a hard job done, how to serve with a smile, and how to make even the most frustrating situations fun. You are the BEST kind of people.

We had a fantastic turnout, and everyone was so willing to just sit back and enjoy the music from the talented musicians. And even though the weather surprised us all with a sudden and fierce hailstorm….yes, you read that correctly…there was a hailstorm! There were some diehard fans who stuck around to enjoy the clear skies, beautiful sunset, and our very own hometown hero Robert Glasker, got the music rolling again and played the sun down. What an epic end to an epic day!

All photos courtesy of Shannon Busse at Wildwood Photography & Design